Young Jeezy Denies Assault Charges, Blames Greedy Baby Mama for Arrest

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Following an indictment by a grand jury, Young Jeezy turned himself in last Friday on some rather heinous charges:

Stemming from an alleged incident in September 2012, the rapper has been charged with beating and threatening to kill his own 17-year old son.

Legal documents say Jeezy got into it with young Jadarius in a bathroom and choked the teenager prior to pulling him into a bedroom and continuing to beat on him.

At one point, Jeezy is accused of telling the boy he wants to "put a bullet" in his head.

Young Jeezy Mugshot

But while insiders to acknowledge a confrontation took place back then, they stand by Jeezy, saying the argument never turned violent.

According to this new report, Jeezy did nothing more than push Jadarius to the ground when the teenager got into his father's face.

Did he make terroristic threats, as documented in the police report?

No. With the child acting like a punk, these sources claim, Jeezy simply said something along the lines of: I brought you into this world. I can take you out.

So, why has he been charged with some excessive, extreme measures?

The sources blame it all on Tenesha Dykes, Jadarius' mom and Jeezy's ex. They allege that she is brainwashing her kid and trying to squeeze every conceivable penny she can from the artist.

We'll have more on this story as news breaks.