The Following Season Premiere Review: Twin Troubles

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The more things changed on The Following Season 2 premiere, the more they stayed very much the same.

Yes, we jumped ahead a year in the life of Ryan Hardy and, yes, he seemed to be doing a lot better as a professor no longer affiliated with the FBI.

But we quickly saw that he's still haunted by Joe Carroll and still looking into the serial killer's acolytes at night.

And we also learned that there are plenty of them to look into.

The scariest new characters, by far, are both played by Sam Underwood. Twins Mark and Luke feel like a different entity from the cult members we met last year, with one of them dancing around and talking to a dead girl.

Scary, disturbing stuff.

What else wet down on the premiere?

  • Joe's cult is now comprised of eight people.
  • Emma is now rocking pink hair.
  • Mike Weston was unable to stay away and recover as needed, entering the fray again and trying to connect with Ryan.
  • And speaking of Ryan... he's newly focused and newly sober, thanks to a sponsor played by Keith Carradine. He also has a niece who works for the NYPD.

Will Season 2 make the same mistakes as Season 1? Idiotic law enforcement officials? Too many followers? Unbelieveable leaps in logic?

Maybe. But it feels like a fresh start for the series for now and we're willing to give it a chance.

Watch The Following online and then react to the premiere. What did you think?

The Following Review

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