Pretty Little Liars Recap: Look Who's Back!

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Pretty Little Liars once again delivered a major shocker and once again waited until the closing moments of an episode to do so.

Yes, PLLers, Alison is back!

Is she a victim? Is she behind all the games, manipulations and frightful adventures over the years? These are the questions the Liars - and us viewers, of course - are now left to deal with.

Aside from building this mystery, though, Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 16 delved nicely into the characters themselves.

Spencer continued to keep herself isolated, blowing up at everyone from Emily to Toby. She simply won't let that whole putting-her-in-Radley thing go, especially when it comes to her dad.

Why does he keep protecting Jessica DiLaurentis? It's unclear. But Spencer's way of attacking him isn't getting her closer to the answer.

It's no shock that Spencer thinks Alison is trying to divide the group and doesn't trust her. But, ironically, Spencer arguing with Emily over their returning pal's intentions is making that exact development take place.

Is this really Ali's main game?

Then, of course, there's Ezra. Could he be any creepier?!? And who was that blonde woman we saw him yelling at? Can you believe he tried to sabotage Jake's equipment? There's a feeling of anxiety any time Aria is along with the guy.

Finally… Hanna and Travis?!? Really?!? We really hope you aren't reading this right now, Caleb. Sorry, bud.

What did everyone else think of the latest installment? Watch Pretty Little Liars online now and sound off!

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