Dance Moms Recap: Witch Routine Will Win!?

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This week on Dance Moms, tension was on the rise with the start of open auditions. Payton is injured. Cathy is confident. Abby is intense, even by Abby standards.

What drama unfolded between Abby, Cathy and the young charges?

You can watch Dance Moms online to find out for yourself if you don't wish to be spoiled here, but below are some of the key points from this episode ...

  • Abby Lee Miller tells the group that their collective routine is "The Witches of East Canton." Maddie will be the "Good Witch"; the rest evil.
  • In Ohio, Cathy and special team featuring two new kids (a boy and girl), the Morales, will be performing "Wild Party," a jazz number.
  • Kendall and Chloe are being evil rock stars; their moms argue about rehearsal time. Holly tries to maintain peace, but Jill gets upset.
  • You can cut the tension with a knife when Abby talks to the girls about replacement and makes it clear she will win at all costs, and any costs.
  • In Roanoke, Abby and the team are cheered, and when it comes to Cathy, Abby tells them to stay squarely focused about the performance.
  • Kendall is hesitant during her jazz routine, with Cathy sitting behind Jill and making snide comments. Then Chloe does her contemporary thing.
  • Cathy's "Wild" group number looks solid enough, despite a few misteps, while Abby pumps her girls up for theirs, focusing on Maddie as the star.
  • Melissa says they gave her goosebumps. That's a good thing in this case. Chloe comes in first at the awards and Abby's team wins the event!
  • Cathy, of course, shows no class afterward, leaving the ceremony right away and saying Abby only won because the judges know her so well.
  • For her part, Abby is far from pleased because Kendall came in second, and insists that going forward, open auditions are still very much on.

That's all for Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 4. What did you think of the installment, and how do you think things will play out next week on Lifetime?

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