Newly Divorced Woman Ducks Bouquet Toss at Wedding in Hilarious Photo

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When you're going through a breakup, a wedding is the last place you want to be. More specifically, in the path of the bride's bouquet toss at a wedding.

Just ask this newly-divorced woman in the flowers' path ...

Woman Ducks Bouquet Toss

"[Here's] my mom's reaction to getting married after her recent divorce," one Reddit user captioned the pic above, which is really worth a thousand words.

This can serve as a teachable moment, though, in some respects.

If you do end up in a crowd full of single women in the bouquet-catching zone, you don't HAVE to make a play for it. In fact, you can do just the opposite.

Bury your head in your hands and duck. Infallible, really.

Some commenters have questioned if the divorced mom is actually the woman off to the side with her hands on her hips ... which would also be appropriate.

Not quite as emblematic, however, of the heartbreak and emotional devastation of the demise of a long-term relationship juxtaposed with a wedding setting.

Or as funny.

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