Chantel Jeffries Receives Lucrative Offer from NYC Strip Club

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It pays to sit alongside Justin Bieber when he gets arrested.

Literally, for Chantel Jeffries. If she so chooses, that is.

The model was a passenger in Bieber's yellow Lamborghini last Thursday when it got pulled over by police around 4 a.m. because the artist was allegedly involved in a drag race.

Interest over Jeffries has piqued since then and a famous strip club in New York City is now trying to take advantage of that fact.

According to TMZ, the establishment has offered Jeffries $25,000 to host a few Web cam events.

She would essentially serve as a middle woman between strippers getting naked and the men who wish to ogle them, with sources saying Chantel is NOT being asked to reveal her birthday suit.

Should Jeffries accept this offer to act as a quasi, online Madam?

Look at it this way: Bieber is accused of 20K in damages to his neighbor's home, via an egg attack earlier this month. Chantel can make this bank, pay off the neighbor and really get on Justin's good side.

And speaking of good sides... did you toggle through the slideshow above?

Bieber sure knows how to pick even more plastic versions of Kim Kardashian em.

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