Arrow Season 2 Episode 11 Recap: Under Arrest!

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The CW taught viewers a few important lessons on Arrow Season 2 Episode 11. To wit:

Beware of mirakuru. As Roy found out on "Blind Spot," this power can cause one to nearly kill a prostitute-murdering attorney. It needs to be channeled.

Also, don't trust Brother Blood, who killed his own mother after learning she told Laurel everything.

And, finally, don't do drugs. Especially not pills that you steal and that get you arrested because you're getting too close to Blood and his connection to Cyrus Gold and then Slade has Officer Dealy take you into custody for possession.

Isn't that right, Laurel?

Trouble for Laurel

This development did lead to Oliver trying to help his beautiful friend… but those efforts just left him knocked out and Laurel taken hostage.

Cut to the Starling City Cannery and a fight that ended with Laurel breaking free and shooting some guy in a skull mask very many times. He ended up bing Dealy.

Fortunately, Adam informed Laurel that the drug possession charges were being dropped and that she wouldn't be charged for the self-defense shooting. So it all ends well, right? Nope. She's also fired.

Still, it could be worse: Deathstroke could have been your boss, L. Oh, yes, this one-eyed villain made his official debut… and it was awesome!

Go watch Arrow online and see for yourself!

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