American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 12: Who Went to Hell?

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American Horror Story: Coven killed off a witch this week.

For real. For good. For 100% dead.

So, who got the literal axe? Who is going to Hell, as the title of the installment so eloquently put it? You can watch American Horror Story online below and/or scroll down for the answer...


Yes, this Supreme's reign of terror is finally over, due to a cunning move by Sarah Paulson's Cordlelia.

With her magical sight back, Cordelia saw the future. She saw Fiona standing over the corpses of her coven members and told the Axeman that her mom planned to leave him as soon as she regained her powers.

Armed with evidence, Danny Huston's killer then did what he does best, leaving Fiona's body in a swamp.

It's been a season full of resurrections, but this death ought to last. Why? Because Fiona is now "gator sh-t," as Misty said. Ain't no one coming back from that.

So now it's on to the Seven Wonders test and the question that has been hanging over the coven since the premiere and which will be answered on next Wednesday's finale:

Who will be the next Supreme?

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