Texas Elementary School Bans Colors Red and Green, Christmas Trees from Class Party

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One Texas elementary school is garnering national attention for banning the following from their winter party:

  • Christmas trees
  • the colors red and green on clothing and/or decorations
  • any mention of any holidays occurring in or around December
  • things that will stain the carpet [so...children?]
  • fun

Team Politically Correct Party Throwing REPRESENT!

The PTA issued a letter to parents informing them of the rules for what they're calling a "winter party." (And here's where I throw out a good "they're more like guidelines really..." just because pirates.)

The school, however, has said that they've issued no such regulations of the sort and this letter to the parents was an unofficial correspondence from their PTA and students are absolutely allowed to wish each other Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus if their 5 to 11 year old hearts desire. It's actually the law in Texas.

Texas state representative Pat Fallon (R) thinks this is a bit ludicrous. Because it sort of is. 

Schools are supposed to be a place where students go to learn, right? Isn't a giant, gaping, Texas-sized opportunity for learning being missed by eliminating any and all mention of the various celebrations held throughout the world instead of, you know, teaching the kids what goes on everywhere else?

Pretty sure that's called Social Studies. Maybe those PTA moms need to brush up on theirs.

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