Survivor Results: Who Won Blood vs. Water?

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Following 39 days in the wilderness for contestants and a great number of hidden immunity idols burned, Survivor: Blood vs. Water came to a conclusion last night.

The final episode started with seven players and concluded with just one, the 27th champion in series history…

Congratulations, Tyson Apostol!

In his third time as a participant on the CBS hit, Tyson took part in finale challenges that included placing wooden blocks on an unbalanced table and racing through an obstacle course in order to recover various puzzle piece.

He won them both.

Both Apostol and Monica Culpepper broke down while talking about loved ones who had left the game during the final tribal council, but the former pro cyclist was then voted champion with seven votes from the jury.

After the final vote was read, Apostol's girlfriend Rachel Foulger – who also took part in this season, becoming the third person voted off – ran onto the stage for a big hug with the new millionaire.

CBS announced this week that Survivor has been renewed for two most installments.

The next will air in February and feature three tribes – one of brains, one of brawn and one of beauty.

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