Sister Wives Recap: The Moms Are Back in Town

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Sister Wives returned to TLC last night, and with it, the mothers of Kody Brown and his four spouses, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn, descended.

It was Mother's Day for Kody's mom Genielle, Meri's mom Bonnie, Christine's mom Annie, Janelle's mom Sheryl (also Kody's step-mom) and Robyn's mom Alice.

Several of his moms-in-law also have Sister Wives, so he actually has eight in all ... a lot to handle, to say the least. So how did they all handle it?

Before we get to that, we see that the kids are thrilled running back and forth between each other's houses, while the wives are working on their relationships.

They were living very independently for quite some time before their little cul-de-sac was done. In Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 12? Not so much.

Christine and Janelle liked their relative freedom a lot, while Meri and Robyn became close friends as well as wives. It all worked out well, for a time.

Things are trickier now, after all. Kody is adamant that his kids not incur debt for college, yet Mariah wants to go to the private Westminster College.

All that gets shelved when the mothers-in-law come to town. Kody takes them out gift shopping for his wives realizes they don't have a solid foundation.

He comes up with the idea of to a mission statement and have a family celebration. His main concern? Whether they'd remain a family if he died.

They probably would not, at least not Janelle and Christine and Robyn and Meri. Maybe two families? It's not clear, but the issue is clear to Kody.

Later, the wives and mothers discuss how hard it is to live a life of plural marriage, feeling like there isn't enough room for you in the family at times.

All of this makes Kody Brown just want to go through with the commitment ceremony even more because he thinks it will make their family stronger.

Will they ever get to that strong place he seeks in his idealized world? All we can do is stay tuned, watch Sister Wives online and find out this spring.

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