Selena Gomez: Hating on Lorde, Irate at Taylor Swift

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As a caption to a recent Instagram photo, Selena Gomez said she has never been happier.

But a new Heat report questions this assertion, claiming that the young singer is actually irate at best friend Taylor Swift... because Swift has gone ahead and found herself another best friend.

And she happens to be Selena's sworn enemy!

Selena Gomez in Texas?
Lorde on the Red Carpet
Taylor Swift, Up Hair

Indeed, T. Swizzle celebrated her birthday this month with a party that included Lorde.

And, upon seeing photos of Swift smiling with the 17-year old from New Zealand, insiders say Gomez grew seriously peeved.

"Selena can’t stand Lorde and has publicly trashed Lorde for not being feminist and supporting other female artists," a source tells the magazine.

It's true: a few months ago, Lorde questioned the lyrics behind "Come & Get It," saying she's "sick of women being portrayed" as ready and willing for a guy any time he wants it.

Gomez responded by saying she may stop covering Lorde's songs in concert. Yes, the claws are out.

But it looks like there may be trouble (trouble… trouble…) ahead for Gomez and Swift because Heat alleges Swift wants to work with Lorde at some point in the near future.

"Taylor is buttering up Lorde because she wants a musical collaboration and knows that Lorde is the hottest new thing in pop music," the insider says.

Sorry, Selena. At least you'll always have Justin Bieb... oh, right. Nevermind.

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