Molly is My Homegirl: Relatives Embarrass Teen, Have No Clue What They're Wearing

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Christmas is a special, joyous time of year ... but when you get close and distant family together for extended periods of time, it can also be embarrassing.

Especially if your name is Molly and your relatives buy and wear these t-shirts.

A Reddit user captioned the pic, "My cousin Molly's grandma went into Spencer's to look for presents for her family. She thinks she found the best presents ever!"

Molly Photo

Molly is my homegirl. What a coincidence that Spencer's chose that name!

The name Molly reached peak popularity in the early '90s, (thank you, Molly Ringwald), then took on a new meaning this year (thank you, Miley Cyrus).

The name, of course, has become a euphemism for the drug MDMA, which all the (not) cool kids are talking about ... and these folks likely aren't aware of.

Let's just hope they aren't Tweeting about their hot cousins, as well.

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