Lindsay Lohan to Pen Tell-All Book, Spill Dirty Secrets on Everything?

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Lindsay Lohan has reportedly met with a literary agency as part of negotiations to pen a tell-all book about, well, anything you could possibly imagine.

Heck, that could be an anthology.

Where would she even begin with such an endeavor? We have no idea, but we recommend the use of this animated GIF for the cover. So cutting-edge!

Lindsay Lohan Through the Years

Between her arrests, drug abuse, acting career, romances and dysfunctional family, her memoir could be epic if she told an unabridged, unfiltered version.

The book began, according to insiders, as a series of journal entries, which the actress wrote during her latest (seventh or eighth, by our count) trip to rehab.

It was a therapeutic exercise for a troubled celebrity more than anything, and as a result, the book is in its early stages and doesn't have a clear focus.

Lindsay Lohan "wants to open up every part of her life," however.

She met with Waxman Leavall, a literary agency that's repped tons of celebs who have penned books, and the meeting was filmed for
her OWN docu-series.

LiLo reportedly has multiple offers in the six-figure range already.

The only potential problem is a big one. If it's written by Lindsay, we'll be reading her version of events, and she is a notorious liar who lacks for self-awareness.

Bottom line: Things could be sugar-coated, glossed over or just plain inaccurate as she seeks to stroke her own ego and blame others ... or it could be great.

Hopefully she writes it honestly and doesn't just blow smoke.

Lindsay Lohan Blowing
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