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Khloe Kardashian has had it with Lamar Odom.

Really. Truly. Seriously. For real this time.

And the proof is right there – or NOT right there, to be more accurate – for everyone to see.

On November 23, Khloe was spotted getting on a plane to Australia. During her trip to that nation, the bizarre video of Odom rapping about infidelity went viral, causing Kardashian to flip out.


When Khloe landed, she hid her left hand behind her purse, two days later it was off her finger… and it hasn’t been back on since.

Insiders have said Kardashian has been planning to divorce Lamar for some time now. She was simply waiting for filming on her family’s reality show to take a break.

But any hesitance she may have had about plans to split from her husband of four-plus years has now vanished. 

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This is what happens when you film yourself talking about cheating. Even if you’re simply drunk and not high. Take note, men around the world.

Is Khloe doing the right there here? Should she file for divorce from Odom?