Justin Timberlake Helps Man Propose to Girlfriend in Concert: You Gotta See This!

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If you're going to propose to your girlfriend, a Justin Timberlake concert would make for a memorable venue. Especially if Justin himself MC's the proposal.

This actually happened in Louisville, Kentucky, on Sunday night.

After crooning his song, "That Girl," the pop star stopped his show to help one fan on stage to propose to his girlfriend as the crowd went NUTS!

"Josh called earlier, he's got something he wants to tell you," Timberlake said to Kim Martin as he led her and Joshua Clemons onto the stage.

Timberlake told Kim that her boyfriend has something to ask her, and Clemons got down on one knee to defeaning applause at the KFC Yum! center.

(Yes, that's a real venue.)

Leading the applause was Timberlake himself, who later shared the video of the proposal on YouTube. "And then this happened in Louisville ..." he tweeted.

A few days mater, Martin is still speechless over this.

"I was just like, 'There's no way, there's no way this is happening,'" Martin told Louisville's WDRB-TV, and it very easily could have not happened.

It took Clemons almost 100 emails and phone calls to reach Timberlake's manager to float the idea. But once they connected, he says JT was down:

"Friday, we finally caught each other on the phone then they told me Justin has a big plan and wanted to know if I was ready to do it big and I said, 'Definitely.'"

"I was very surprised he took initiative to help us so much,’" Martin said.

After the concert, Timberlake invited the newly engaged couple and Clemons' young daughter Mia backstage and supplied them all with autographs.

Pretty awesome.


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