Internet Helps Lost Stuffed Animal Reunite With Owner

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The Internet. It's can do more than help you find Kate Upton nude photos or crazy Tila Tequila videos.

It can help a little girl reunite with her lost stuffed animal in Great Britain. Allow us to explain:

Last Friday, a woman named Lauren Bishop Vranch discovered a stuffed lion sitting all by his lonesome during a train ride at Kings Cross.

Upon handing it over to a train employee, Lauren was told the item would just be left someplace random… and she was having none of that!

Stuffed Animal Found
Lost Lion Found

So Lauren took the lion with her to Newcastle and posted a photo of him on Twitter, including along with it a caption that read: "Found this well loved little dude on an East Coast train at Kings Cross - let's find the owner, Twitter!"

She then Tweeted various other pictures of the lion in various locales, from a pub to a hotel room to a riverside bench. Seriously, the little fake guy enjoyed quite the weekend!

Eventually - incredibly! - the father of the girl who lost the lion came across this Spotted: On The Train's Facebook page and responded, saying his child's name is Phoebe, the lion's name is Roar and adding:

"WOW the power of the internet and kind folk – that's my daughter Phoebes bear – she has been in tears all weekend and I've just shown her the picture and she is over the moon. Thank you all so much!"

And here's a photo of Phoebe and Roar reunited. Pretty awesome, huh?

Stuffed Animal Reunion!
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