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Barbara Walters had a diverse group of people to choose from in selecting her 21st and likely final Most Fascinating Person from this year. So who was it?

There was Jennifer Lawrence, a blessing with her great acting and great quotes, an A-list movie star who somehow feels like everyone’s BFF.

There’s new parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the Duck Dynasty cast (also in the news thanks to Phil Robertson), and obviously Miley Cyrus.

None of them topped the last though. That honor goes to …

Hillary Clinton: 2013 Most Fascinating Person of the Year

Hillary Clinton! She was the first person selected by Barbara Walters when she began her series of specials 21 years ago, so it was a fitting choice.

Yet also somewhat of an odd one, as Clinton stepped down as Secretary of State early this year and has been almost entirely out of the spotlight.

In any case, Barbara Walters says she’s retiring after this year, making this the final Most Fascinating special. As for Clinton retiring? A lot less clear.


The pair talked about the speculation and Hillary Clinton 2016 rumors that have been swirling for months over whether she will run for the White House.

"I haven’t made up my mind," Clinton told Walters. "Obviously, I will look carefully at what I think I can do and make that decision sometime next year."

For now, Hillary says she is enjoying being out of public office.

"I knew that I wanted to get off this high wire that I had been on for so long," she said. "To spend time just doing things that give us a lot of joy."

"Playing with our dogs, going to movies, just hanging out."

Hillary Clinton as 2013’s Most Fascinating: Good choice?