Duck Dynasty Christmas Special: Eight Balls and Wild Hogs

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Duck Dynasty returned this week for a 2013 Christmas special, and the hour-long episode was filled with heartwarming family moments and silly antics.

On Duck Dynasty Season 4 Episode 11, the Robertsons traveled back in time, so to speak, to Bethlehem for a live Nativity scene in West Monroe.

The bearded, rotund Willie Robertson played Joseph himself.

The family puts on the Nativity story every year at their church, but this year they had no idea that so many people would show up. We may have guessed.

Everyone remembered their lines, and it went off without a hitch. The costumes and "performance" were everything you'd expect and more, but that wasn't all.

The gang also went Christmas shopping ... and hunting.

Willie decides to get his brothers magic holiday eight balls, though eventually he decided on bullets and beef jerky for them instead. Playing it safe.

Also, Phil took Jessica (seriously) and Miss Kay out hunting for wild hogs, even if the former lives in the subdivision, which goes against his very being.

'Tis the season.

Did you watch the Duck Dynasty Christmas special on A&E? How excited are you for the show to return in 2014? Would you like bullets in your stocking?