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Scandalous rumors surfaced this week that Dean McDermott cheated on Tori Spelling. Now it’s being reported that he was asking her for sex prior to that.

Like a lot.

Before he allegedly cheated with Emily Goodhand in Toronto, Dean had been trying to get in Tori’s pants non-stop, even with their new addition of baby Finn.

Dean McDermott: Cheating on Tori Spelling?

Apparently, the Beverly Hills: 90210 star had been complaining about his constant requests for bonking to friends before she found out about the affair.

A source said:

“Dean wants sex from her 24/7. Their sex life when they first hooked up was wild and kinky. Of course, they didn’t have children and were very uninhibited."

"Dean would always throw it in Tori’s face that their sex life wasn’t as hot as it used to be. Well how could it be? They now have four children."


"Tori would stay up with Finn all night when he was fussy. The last thing Tori would want to do is have sex, and yet Dean would be ready to go!"

"He even accused Tori of paying more attention to their children!”

Too bad the Tori Spelling sex tape was stolen, according to the likely fake book she published. He could at least watch that if she wouldn’t put out.

Neither party has commented on the alleged adultery, and Tori has been putting on a good front, sharing photos and videos of her kids on Christmas.

No mention of cheating or any trouble in paradise … although some sources are speculating that she’s making Dean McDermott pay behind closed doors.

Think the rumors are true? And that they’ll stay together?