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Anne Hathaway left a bag of dog poop on the hood of a paparazzo’s car last week.

That’s really sums up this entire story. It’s very simple. It’s kind of cross. Oh, and it’s TOTALLY AWESOME!

The Oscar winner was taking her dog for a walk on December 26 when she grew irritated at a “journalist” following her and her pet in a car.

So, after Esmeralda did her business, Hathaway deposited the baggy-wrapped excrement on the front of the quasi stalker’s vehicle and then continued on her way.

Anne Hathaway Photograph
Photo via AFP/Getty Images

Take note, Justin Bieber bodyguards. This is a far funnier, more effective way to deal with the paparazzi.

Check out the poppy picture now at The Huffington Post and give it up for Anne Hathaway! We like this performance even better than the one she put on in Les Miserables.