When Will The Dead Outnumber The Living on Facebook

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Nothing is certain except death and taxes. And Facebook. When will the dead on Facebook outnumber the living? 

No, we don't mean dead people Facebooking from the afterlife. Unless you're Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries and Jeremy's updating your status.

Can Facebook continue to attract younger users and keep the network alive, or will it eventually reach a point where the site's members die off so that more users are dead than the number actively posting?

The anonymous blogger behind the What If? blog asked that very question and set out to find an answer.

Facebook Phoograph

The blogger, through the use of numbers and algorithms and dates and doing math, determined that there are two possible answers to this very morbid question.

If Facebook continues its current popularity trend, the dead won't outnumber the living until some time in 2130. That's...a lot of years from now.

If something bigger and better than Facebook comes along and younger users bail on the social network for whatever that thing is, Facebook will see this imbalance between the living and the dead in 2065. 

The What If? blogger estimates that approximately 10 to 20 million users of the site have died since the site launched and roughly 290,000 users from the US will die in 2013. Worldwide that number is in the millions and will double in the next 7 years and will double every 7 years. 

So many numbers, guys. 

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