What Would I Say: Facebook App Generates Status Updates So You Don't Have To!

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A new Facebook app called What Would I Say answers exactly that question, generating Facebook updates automatically so you don't have to!

It works by accessing every post a user has come up with, mixing them up and regurgitating bits of them in an order that (kind of) makes sense.

Added bonus? It sounds just like you, or how you come across to other Facebook users, according to the developers that built What Would I Say.

Facebook Phoograph

“Technically speaking,” its creators say, “it trains a Markov Bot based on mixture model of bigram and unigram probabilities derived from your past post history.”

There you go.

As for security risks, they also reassured users that info is not stores, and all computations are done client side, so only your browser ever sees your history.

The impetus for WWIS? “We drank a lot of coffee and Red Bull and thought of fun things to program that we could actually complete in a day and a half.”

And with that, genius was created. Your infinite wisdom and/or epic Facebook fails can now be posted for you if you're too tired to put in the effort.

The team behind “What would I say?” didn’t push forward with the idea to make money, but rather just to have a good laugh. Mission accomplished.

While the home page is mainly a place where people can be amused by their own musings, underneath it includes a hyperlinked sentence saying:

“Please consider donating to typhoon relief in the Philippines.”

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