Tori Spelling: Sex Tape is Real, But Not For Sale!

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Tori Spelling says that the sex tape she writes about in her new book Spelling It Like It Is is legit. However, she never thought this would become a story.

Sure thing, T.

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"I told the story in the book and I never in a million years thought that people would pull out, 'Oh my gosh, Tori Spelling made a sex tape!'" she told E!

"'Cause I don't even think of me that way. I don't think anyone would ever be like, 'Wanna see that!' I'm a mom of four! At night we're in bed by 9:00, watching TV."

Shockingly, the fact that a Tori Spelling sex tape exists was easily the biggest revelation from the book, whether people want to watch the thing or not.

But Spelling clarified that, while it made for great book fodder, she and husband Dean McDermott never wanted anyone to actually watch them bone.

"I'm basically telling a story about the friend - we thought they were a friend - that surprised us. They went and took some personal things off our computer."

"I call it a 'sex tape' because my husband and I did have that moment where we filmed an intimate thing. I don't know, it's not a," she lowered her voice, "sex tape."

"It's a 'moment tape,'" she added.

Call it what you want, Vivid is ready to make an offer on that tape or another version for profit, to which Spelling says "that's crazy ... I've read it online."

"What's more hurtful," she added, "They can write whatever they want, but when it starts to interfere ... because I'm a mom, that's taking it too far."

"I wrote one little thing in a book, but saying that I'm entertaining offers and that I would ever put that out there for the public... It's just false."

Would you watch a Tori Spelling sex tape?

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