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The Real Housewives of Atlanta is back for Season 6 and NeNe Leakes is not amused by Kenya Moore’s craziness. She’d clearly like her to be “Bye Bye With the Wind.”

We break down all the new drama in THG’s season premiere +/- recap!

NeNe and her former/once again husband Gregg are back in Atlanta since her show The New Normal got cancelled. Minus 25. I liked that show.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

So perhaps this isn’t the best time to be messing with Mrs. Leakes.

Someone may have wanted to warn Kenya, not that it would have mattered. Not only did Kenya not show for NeNe’s wedding extravaganza, she didn’t even RSVP.

How rude! Minus 15.


Apparently Kenya was ticked off that her ex, Walter was invited as well. Seriously? The girl is still whining about Walter. The man is friends with Gregg. Get over it already.

Kenya’s back all of five minutes and I’m already bored. 

NeNe’s having none of Miss Gone With the Wind’s crap. And Kenya’s darn lucky she didn’t get slapped down for tugging on NeNe’s ear. Minus 30.

Plus did you catch Kenya pumping Porsha Williams for information about her crumbling marriage. Girl, you don’t even like Porsha. Stop acting like this is polite conversation when you’re only looking for some good gossip to spread around.

But enough about the “beauty queen on bath salts” as Phaedra Parks calls her. Lets get back to Porsha.

Kordell filed for divorce without even telling her. She found out via Twitter.

Damn, that’s cold. Minus 40.

But Porsha’s marriage vows mean something to her so she’ll consider taking him back if he’ll go into counseling.

Honestly I’m happy he turned her down. The guy’s a jerk. He once locked her out of her own home because she came home after curfew. Minus 33.  She’s a grown woman for goodness sake and she can do better.

Her Momma says that when Porsha was in the hospital for a week after her miscarriage that Kordell only showed up to visit her once. Once!

I’d say it’s more than time to kick that boy to the curb. Momma’s right. He’s the wrong damn man.

Porsha’s not the only one with problems in the relationship department this season.  I sense trouble ahead for Cynthia Bailey and Peter.

He bought a building with their money and kept it from her for six months. Now he has her moving the Bailey Agency into that building.

My guess is that the creditors are at the door and he couldn’t find another tenant. It feels like Peter’s keeping a lot of secrets from his wife when it comes to money and that can’t bode well. Minus 22.

Kandi Burruss may have her own issues as well. Looks like her Momma’s suddenly anti-Todd. What happened here? I thought she was thrilled her daughter finally found someone.

Todd wants to face this head on…and as much as it sounds like the right plan I can only guess they’ll be plenty of choppy waters to navigate before these two head down the aisle. If they make it there.

Phaedra just had her baby. Little Dylan’s darn cute but did we have to see him the moment he was born? Couldn’t they have taken a moment to clean him up before his big television debut? Minus 10.

Now Phaedra has a son she calls The Prince and another she calls Mr. President. Is there any chance these kids won’t grow up to be spoiled, arrogant brats?

Only time will tell and I expect a long and ridiculously dramatic season to come with The Real Housewives of Atlanta.