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Miley Cyrus made one fashion statement and honored two hip hop legends at the MTV European Music Awards tonight.

In one of her more controversial moves to date, the artist accepted the trophy for Best Video (for “Wrecking Ball“), thanked director Terry Richardson in her speech and then pulled what appeared to be a joint from her purse.

Watch her light it up in this footage from the event:

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Yes, the EMAs took place in Amsterdam, where smoking marijuana is legal.

And, no, it’s not like we didn’t already know Cyrus loves to get high. But still, Miles. Was this really necessary?


On the red carpet of the ceremony, meanwhile, Miley donned an unusual dress that featured close-ups of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.

The back of her mini skirt read “Please Stop,” a plea for the world to end the violence.

But this message could also read as a plea from the universe to Miley Cyrus herself:

Please stop the antics. We get it. Point made. You’re no longer Hannah Montana.

Can we move on now? Don’t you think it’s time? You tell us in the comments …