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This week on MTV’s Teen Mom 3, Briana went out on a date, Alex threw a party for Arabella, Mackenzie and Josh sort of made progress, and Katie Yeager …

We don’t even know where to start with Katie Yeager.

Things grew even more heated between the reality star and her baby daddy Joey Maes, who has apparently started dating again. How did it all play out?

Read on for THG’s official Teen Mom 3 recap below!

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Katie Yeager and her ex-fiance have split after Katie found out he was seeing someone else. That’s a good thing. But it doesn’t heal all of the wounds.

She is staying at her dad’s house when a friend sent Katie a picture of the girl he was dating, Brigette, and it turns out she has a child of her own.

Tension is already rising when Katie agrees to let Molli spend the weekend with him, but he refuses to let Katie breastfeed Molli during his weekend.


Minus 100. Naturally, when Katie drops Molli off with Joey, she throws coffee on him. That’s better than an olive branch any day of the week, right?

Minus 200 for that unnecessary display. Burns aside, Joey takes Molli out to watch him dirt bike race with his new girlfriend and her daughter, Kynlynn.

Yes, Kynlynn. Minus 200.

Katie doesn’t fare well without Molli, and Joey doesn’t do much better with her. Let this be a cautionary tale about having kids with people you hate.

Also, in Katie’s case, let it be a lesson about dating people who add nothing to your self-worth and exacerbate your already terrible esteem issues.

Minus 500 all around for this mess.

Briana DeJesus’ mom and sister Brittany don’t approve of her dating Jacob because of his bad reputation, but Briana goes behind both their backs.

Briana’s friend Kanisha even offers to take her to her ice cream date with Jacob, so they turn it into a group thing. Bri brings Nova to meet the crew.

Briana is giddy about Jacob and wants to keep “hanging out without anyone knowing,” which we all know is code for sneaking around. Minus 200.

However, when she starts thinking about this getting more serious, she realizes she can’t bring her baby and friends along for everything. Plus 300.

Also, she sees online that he’s talking to another girl too. Minus 100.

She wants to go to her mom to talk, but she doesn’t want to admit to going behind her back, so she’s stuck in an odd and thought-provoking place.

Not the worst thing to take a step back and think, B. Plus 100.

Alex Sekella hasn’t heard from Matt McCann since he got kicked out of the halfway house, and Arabella‘s first birthday party is right around the corner.

Alex decides to invite Matt to spend Arabella’s birthday with her, and skip the drama that come with having him at the party. Good compromise for sure.

She also wants to reconnect with her dad, who she’s been on the rocks with, and takes it as a good sign that he wants come out to Arabella’s party.

Plus 500, because Arabella has an adorable birthday party.

Alex’s dad shows up and while he’s still pissed about Alex having a baby as a teen, he seems mostly concerned about her, and relieved that she’s okay.

She still has lingering disappointment that Matt didn’t contact her, prompting Alex to realize how many of her baby’s milestones he won’t be a part of.

Minus 1,000 for that guy, but Plus 500 for Alex’s efforts.

Mackenzie Douthit hasn’t spoken to her parents after getting into a fight about taking Gannon out late, so she focuses on her cheerleading competition.

Her friends urge her to go home and look after her son and patch things up with her mom, and the whole family is clearly walking on real eggshells here.

Fortunately, despite how defensive everyone is, cooler heads prevail and Josh even agrees to come to the lake with Mackenzie and her whole family.

Mackenzie’s family tried to have some fun with Josh, and he seemed to do the same. She says she wants this to be the best year ever, and there’s hope!

Plus 500 for the rare, encouraging sign of MTV maturity.