Skydivers Jump to Safety Off Colliding, Exploding Planes: AMAZING VIDEO!

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This is nothing short of an incredible video and story.

On Saturday, two airplanes were flying approximately 12,000 feet over Wisconsin, carrying a total of 11 skydivers between them before things went haywire.

With a handful of these individuals preparing to jump, one Cessna collided into another, causing a fiery mess of debris and prompting all 11 skydivers to leap into the air.

Thankfully, all survived and, perhaps more astonishingly, a pilot somehow managed to navigate one of the airplanes safely back onto the ground.

NBC has the exclusive footage, taken by the skydivers themselves, below.

See the raw video after the jump and prepare to be amazed ...

The video is under investigation by the FAA, and has also caused controversy given the huge price tag NBC reportedly paid for the video; $100,000!

The network also maintains exclusive interview rights for two weeks for that fee, raising questions about the ethics of so-called "checkbook journalism."

Regardless, it's pretty amazing footage, isn't it?

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