Sally Gifford Piper Revealed as "Body Evolution" Viral Photoshop Video Model

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The world took notice when an eye-opening time-lapse video showing how an image can be so drastically changed using only Photoshop went viral last week.

Now the woman in question has been identified.

Sally Gifford Piper, the 36-year-old model in the video, and her husband Tim Piper, who directed it, spoke to ET about why they created it in 2011.

“I feel really angry about the pressure on women and the reality is that most of us don’t look like these perfect women,” Sally said of her "Body Evolution."

"I think that there needs to be a celebration of all different shapes and sizes. And we need to see more variety and I’m determined to fight for that.”

The popularity of the video caught them by surprise, as it was released over a year ago to little fanfare. “It was exciting, but it’s also nerve-wracking,” said Tim.

“You don’t really expect it to blow up like that.

"It is exposure for Sally. So I called her and I said that I hope you don’t mind, but a few million people might see you in your underwear pretty soon.”

The viral photoshop video sparked great debate and discussion about how people beauty in the digital age, when such manipulation is so commonplace.

Images of beautiful women are altered to the point where they look almost unrecognizable from themselves, and are given figures unattainable in reality.

Most people realize that some manipulation is going on with the images we see, but seeing it in this fashion can help us rethink our view and understanding.

Check out the original video below ...

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