Man Gets 128 Plastic Surgeries, Lives to Tell About it

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Justin Jedlica, a plastic surgery consultant who got 128 cosmetic procedures of his own, opens up about what it's like to become a full-blown addict.

He got his first surgery at age 18. He proceeded to get 127 more.

"It was something that for me was important, so I was always very frugal," he said, explaining how crucial this was "I didn't do a lot of things my friends did."

"They wanted to go buy their cars and buy their stereo systems and spend their money on their clothes. Instead, I was drawn towards plastic surgery."

To what end? See above. Even he would admit this got a bit out of control.

Not that he was thinking about it at the time. As we've seen from the Heidi Montag plastic surgery debacle, these things snowball like any addiction.

Having enough money wasn't the only obstacle. Justin explains that, as a male, he faced some additional barriers to achieving his desired looks.

"It was also difficult to get doctors on the same page as me," Jedlica said.

"Being a young male looking for something that was maybe a bit more feminine and definitely a bit more over-stylized ... I think as a female, it's a little more socially accepted."

This guy and the Justin Bieber plastic surgery guy should get together.

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