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Toby Sheldon has just put all other Justin Bieber fans to shame. Or maybe just put himself to shame, given the extent of his devotion to the singer.

A 33-year-old songwriter spent almost $100,000 on five years’ worth of plastic surgery to make him look like his hero, according to the UK tabloid Closer.

Check out the disturbing before and after photos below …

On top of Botox injections and hair transplants, he underwent expensive "smile surgery" to make his smile look just like the Canadian singer, reports suggest.

"It’s Justin’s smile that gives him his youthful look. So I had my upper lip lifted up [and] my bottom lip plumped out," the musician told Closer, proudly.


Yeah. Real normal. Just a few points in conclusion here:

  1. Closer is still around and doing its thing, apparently, after running the nude Kate Middleton photos that caused such controversy last fall.
  2. Toby may want to find a good therapist like now.
  3. He really doesn’t even look that much like JB, considering the amount spent, which hopefully discourages anyone else from doing this, but ….
  4. At least he looks like Justin Bieber Circa 2010 and not the increasingly out-of-control d-bag we see nowadays. Selena Gomez would approve.