Kid Writes Get-Well Note to Teacher, Offers Helpful Health Advice

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It's officially cold/flu season, and if you're feeling a bit under the weather like this kid's teacher, prepare to be enlightened by the get well note he authored.

In addition to being a nice gesture, wishing his instructor a speedy recovery, the note offers some simple, yet profound advice to cute what ails you:

Drop trou.

Kid Writes Get Well Note

Surely the source of her illness, whatever it may be, can be cured by the scientific fact that pooping makes you feel better. It's just common knowledge.

Nothing a little bowel movement can't fix, right? In case that wasn't specific enough, though, he went into great detail, sharing his wisdom with gusto!

Hey, it works every morning. Not even kidding. There's even a helpful infographic in case the words alone don't get this all-important message across.

If the teacher doesn't have this framed and displayed in the elementary school bathroom as inspiration to all students who pass through those doors?

This isn't a planet we want to be living on.

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