Typhoon Haiyan Slams Central Philippines, Four Reported Dead

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The most powerful typhoon of 2013 made landfall early today in central Philippines, resulting in a myriad of landslides, knocking out power and, as of this writing, killing at least four people.

Typhoon Haiyan started east in Samar and made its way west toward Panay around 4 a.m. EST.

Over 720,000 people have evacuated their homes in the wake of 125 mile-per-hour winds, with updates coming slowly due to a lack of power in the area.

But we know that at least one individual died via fallen tree, one was struck by lightning and two have been electrocuted as a result of the storm.

Southern Leyte Gov. Roger Mercado told reporters that the storm triggered landslides which have blocked roads, uprooted trees and torn roofs off homes in the region.

"When you're faced with such a scenario, you can only pray, and pray and pray," Mercado told The Associated Press by telephone amid the crisis.

"My worst fear is there will be massive loss of lives and property."

A typhoon of similar strength hit the Philippines in 1990 and killed 508 people overall.

But authorities hope that early warnings and evacuations will result in far fewer casualties this time around.

We hope the same and we send our thoughts to everyone affected by the storm.