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While Justin Bieber was busy being photographed leaving a brothel, Katy Perry was at home not being dumb. This strategy paid off as the “Walking on Air” singer has surpassed The Biebs as the most popular celebrity on Twitter.

Katy Perry boasts a record 46.48 million followers to Justin Bieber’s 46.47 million. (How many of those followers are the same would be interesting but we’ve already used up our quota of math skills for the day.)

Perry’s social media strategy? “Don’t drink and tweet.” And keep your clothes on.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Premiere Pic

Bieber ousted Lady Gaga from her two-year reign as the Queen of Twitter 9 months ago. How long Katy Perry will remain on top of Twitter remains to be seen. But one thing’s for sure, she’s not changing who she is in order to gain more followers. 

Why would she when being genuine has been working for her so far?


“I have horrible typos,” Perry states. “I use ‘there’ or ‘your’ wrong gramatically. But I feel like I’ve learned to tame that social media dragon.”

Did she also teach that dragon to roar, we wonder?

Perry says it’s imperative that celebrities using social media such as Twitter or Facebook, where she boasts 59.26 million friends to Bieber’s 57.28 million, not use the sites to dispel all the rumors circulating about themselves.

That, she says, just makes things worse. She only defends herself online when something is being said which damages her character. As for the many haters that often come with notoriety, Perry says she ignores them:

“If you tried to please everyone, you’d have no sense of self. You’d lose yourself in the process of being a people pleaser and there’d be nothing unique left.”