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Suffice it to say, Jamie Dornan is the right man for the job.

Speaking for the first time since landing the coveted role of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, the actor says he is ready and willing to get freaky.

"I’m a fairly worldly guy," the former model, 31, says. "I grew up in a very liberal place. I’m not saying we had a playroom, but I’m not shocked [by the sex]."

"It’s essential to tell the story. I can’t believe films that don’t invoke the sexual side of it," adds the Northern Ireland native. "So it works for me."

As for co-star Dakota Johnson’s take on the material?

"Obviously, I want to look good naked," she tells the mag. "I totally understand now why people exercise, because it kind of f–king feels awesome."


Just wait until the actual f–king begins, are we right?

Also awesome? Getting cast in the film to start with.

Producers named Jamie Dornan Christian Grey after Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam dropped out of the production, and he couldn’t be more thrilled.

"I was sort of pretending I wasn’t waiting, but the phone was in my hand, halfway to my ear," he confesses of hoping for the role once he had auditioned.

When 50 Shades of Grey movie director Sam Taylor-Johnson called, "There was a slight fear … but beyond anything else, I was really f–king excited."

Sounds like a f–king awesome pairing to us.

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Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey …

Dakota Johnson as Ana Steele …