Sylvester Stallone Filmed in Beverly Hills: Did He Drop the N Word?

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Alec Baldwin may wanna buy Sylvester Stallone a muffin basket.

With the former 30 Rock star under fire for alleging using a gay slur in yet another paparazzo attack, Stallone has gone ahead and stolen all controversial, photographer-based headlines from Baldwin...

... by seemingly dropped the N Word when referring to a cameraman.

Sylvester Stallone on the Street

In footage posted by TMZ, Stallone is leaving Caffe Roma in Beverly Hills with a friend when he starts to be trailed by a member of the paparazzi.

A few seconds into the video, it sounds very much like Sly makes a reference to the man behind them and says to his acquaintance:

"This f-cking n-gger here, this f-cker."

Toward the ends of the video, another cameraman asked Stallone why he used such racial language, but he ignores the question.

The star's rep, however, tells TMZ that Stallone did not say the N Word. Instead, he referred to the cameraman as a "f-cking assh-le."

Watch the video now and decide for yourself.

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