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Home Depot is on the defensive after Tweeting a bizarrely racist photo to accompany a promo for College GameDay, which the corporate giant sponsors.

The home improvement retailer tweeted this image from its its official @HomeDepot account on Thursday, immediately raising eyebrows and backlash:

The caption: “Which drummer is not like the others?”

Philadelphia Eagles Helmet

The company raced to delete the tweet, which it called “dumb,” and subsequently apologized. Home Depot spokesman Stephen Holmes said:

“We’re also closely reviewing our social media procedures to determine how this could have happened, and how to ensure it never happens again.”


“We have zero tolerance for anything so stupid and offensive,” Home Depot tweeted in response to the controversy, and insists those aren’t empty words.

The company assured customers that both the marketing agency and the individual who Tweeted this were terminated, though it didn’t name names.

As the outrage has ramped up, Home Depot has been on damage control, copy/pasting the same apology to everyone who’s talking about the racist tweet: