Guy Shows Up at Facebook Friends' Homes in Real Life, Confusion and Laughs Ensue

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Greg Benson recently decided to see whether he'd actually be friends with some of his Facebook friends in real life. By showing up at their homes unannounced.

Like many of us, Greg has a fairly big percentage of Facebook friends who aren't friends in the traditional sense of the word ... making this exercise awkward.

The comedian filmed himself dropping in on "friends" he barely knows in person, or doesn't know at all, using info gleaned from Facebook to chat it up.

Some found the whole charade hilarious, while others were far from pleased. Watch the full spectrum of reactions to his Facebook stunt for yourself here:

If you pulled this on some of the people who show up in your Facebook feed, how do you think they'd respond to your visit and conversations?

Or vice versa: What if someone from FB showed up at your door? Does it make you want to un-friend people? Or make even more Facebook friends?

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