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Claire Danes bares her soul on a nearly weekly basis on Showtime’s Homeland, crying up an impressive storm and winning the last two Emmy Awards for Lead Actress in the process.

But the beautiful star bares something else in the latest issue of Interview: her breasts!

Almost, that is.

Claire Danes Topless

Danes opens up to the magazine about the challenges of portraying a bipolar CIA agent on the drama – and she does it as part of a feature that also includes a couple very alluring images.


“It was exhausting but also exhilarating,” Danes says of filming Homeland Season 3 so soon after giving birth last year. “I had just come out of my mommy cocoon and my cushy, mushy love planet. So entering that mania at that point was not as enjoyable.”

Danes and husband Hugh Dancy welcomed son Cyrus into the world in December.

And because each stars on a hit show – Dancy is at the center of NBC’s Hannibal – Danes explained that they make time to help each other hone their craft.

“My husband is also on a television show now, so we’re always running lines with each other. We’ll run lines with each other on the phone. I run lines with him in taxicabs.”

As for actually being a mother? Danes doesn’t even know how to explain the unbridled love and joy that she now feels each and everyday.

“I guess it’s closest to being infatuated with a lover or something, but it’s not that. It’s cellular.

“So yeah, that the love for your child is physical was a big surprise. I can’t not look at him if he’s anywhere nearby, because there’s not competition. I can’t read. I can’t watch a show. I can’t do anything but stare at him doing nothing.”