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Batkid has taken Gotham, and the Internet, by storm.

Five-year-old Miles lived out the dream of a lifetime as he became "Batkid" for a day in San Francisco on Friday, with the help of The Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Diagnosed with leukemia at 18 months old, the boy ended his treatments in June and is now in remission, which is by far the most important part of the story.

What followed was awesome, though.

The Hollywood Gossip

San Francisco turned itself into Gotham City, and thousands of bystanders cheered as Miles saved the city from some of Batman’s iconic adversaries.

The Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area chapter outlined several crimes that Miles was asked to solve before being celebrated at a ceremony hosted by the mayor.

Batkid’s crime-fighting spectacle made national news, and some big stars shared their reactions on social media. Here are some of the many celebrity responses …

Ben Affleck: Batkid. Best Batman ever.  #SFBatKid #MakeAWish @SFWish

President Barack Obama: Way to go Miles, way to save Gotham! #FollowFriday RT @SFWish: Here he comes!!!! #SFBatkid


Elizabeth Banks: Bit late to #BatKid, but damn if he isn’t a ROCK STAR! Also, a great reminder of the amazing work done by @MakeAWish.

Craig Ferguson: San Francisco ! You magnificent bastards. #batkid

Anna Kendrick: Just read about #BatKid and I am IMMEDIATELY in tears. Go #BatKid!

Enrique Iglesias: This is amazing! #batkid saves the day! Way to go Miles!

Alyssa Milano: You can Donate here to help @MakeAWish for others come true – #batkid #SFbatkid

Nick Lachey: As a new dad, i am so moved by #batkid and by all the volunteers who are helping to bring his wish to life!! Awesome! #SFBatKid

Olivia Munn: I love #Batkid. I’m cheering you on little man!!

Dr. Phil: Thank you #batkid for saving the day!! Way to go Miles!

Keegan Allen: #batkid is my favorite superhero.

Devon Sawa: I’m really thankful we live in a world of peace and harmony. All thanks to ……… #BatKid

Stephen Amell: No crime left to fight. Thanks #BatKid

Josh Groban: Goodnight, #batkid

Alexa Vega: #BatKid just makes my heart explode. What a little bundle of joy!

Andy Cohen: loving #Batkid and the people of San Francisco today. #WarmFuzzy

Ramona Singer: The city of San Fran and Make a Wish did an amazing thing today. Brings me to tears. #batkid