Anniversary Prank Backfires on Roman Atwood: Watch Now!

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Infamous prankster Roman Atwood received a taste of his own medicine as an anniversary prank he tried to pull on his girlfriend took a surprising turn.

Roman decided to tell his partner of five years that he cheated on her, and really tried to sell this, saying how he felt so bad he can't sleep or eat.

He likely predicted her to break down in tears at this shocking (and false) revelation, but Atwood clearly was not expecting what she said after that ...

Yes, his sobbing girlfriend reveals that she also cheated on him, at which point he freaks out at what he just found out thanks to his practical joke.

Asking her repeatedly if she's serious, he completely believes she is, and he's far from pleased ... until she reveals that she's just playing him right back.

She spotted him setting up the camera beforehand, so she knew something was up and dished it right back on the fly. So all is well between them.

Mostly. She thought he was going to propose, so ... there's that issue.