The X Factor Reveals Top 4 Boys: Is There a Winner Here?

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The X Factor was back at it last night.

A week after announcing the final four over-25s and final four girls, the Fox competition turned its focus to the young men hoping to bring home a million grand prize dollar.

Do any of the quartet who advanced to the next round stand a chance of standing alone at the end? Scroll down for their identities and vote below...

Carlos Guevara sang “Ain’t No Sunshine” and the 16-year old may have included too many runs in the rendition. But the emotion came through and he put a nice twist on the ballad.

Tim Olstad went Miley Cyrus on us with "The Climb" and the recent college graduate received a major boost from the crowd after they booed Paulina for cutting him off. The guy seemed kind of stiff and has a long way to go.

Carlito Olivero chose “Dreaming of You” and it's safe to say he needs to work on his falsetto. But he need not work on his looks, which will clearly work in his favor.

Josh Levi went all souful for“I Can’t Make You Love Me." He likely has the most potential. All four judges gushed over the 14-year old's star-like qualities.

So... who was YOUR favorite of these final four boys?

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