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Move over, Rion Page.

You may have some competition on The X Factor this season.

Carlos Guevara, a 16-year old high school student who suffers from involuntary motor and vocal tics as a result of Tourette’s Syndrome, blew judges and viewers away on The X Factor last night.

He performed John Mayer’s "Gravity" and earned both a standing ovation from the audience and effusive praise from the panelists.

Carlos Guevara on The X Factor

"You have a beautiful voice I can tell that you have a beautiful soul. I believe that you are so talented," said Demi Lovato, while Simon Cowell added:

“Carlos, you know what I like about you is that you’re not a victim. You’ve got this issue, but most importantly you haven’t let that stopped you doing what you dreamt of doing.”


Guevara received four votes to move on to the next round and you can – nay, you should! – watch his full audition here: