The Vampire Diaries Recap: Called for Traveling

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Freshman year is off to a rough start for Caroline Forbes and Elena Gilbert.

Their boyfriends are either MIA or lying about their brother getting expelled. Their new professor might be at the center of a college-wide conspiracy and not even the sight of a tied-up, shirtless Damon Salvatore is cause for celebration.

But Caroline and Elena weren't the only Vampire Diaries characters to have a rough go of it on "True Lies" this week. Let's breakdown the episode below, question by question...

What the heck are Gypsies Travelers?!? They clearly don't get along well with Silas, except for one of them who admittedly has her own agenda.

It's a bit odd to throw a twist at viewers before properly introducing a character, but if the goal is to leave us intrigued, consider that goal accomplished, Julie Plec.

When will Bonnie reveal her secret? Viewers were taken to The Other Side for the first time, though it didn't reveal a great deal about this unusual location except that one is taken farther away from one's body the more times one dies.

The better question revolves around Bonnie and when her secret will come out. She isn't ready for Jeremy to tell it yet and Matt is back to the world of the living and has therefore forgotten... but you've gotta imagine her friends will learn the truth shortly.

How awesome is Jeremy? He's a hunter and he works out? When did little Jeremy get to be so cool and funny?!?

What is the deal with Dr. Maxfield and Jesse? Yes, we're pairing these two up. The former knows about Elena's dad and clearly doctored Megan's death certificate. The latter is coming on WAY too strong and seemed to know his way around a piece of wood. We're calling it now: the professor and his student know all about vampires and are up to... something.

Would Ian Somerhalder have made a good Christian Grey? We kid, but who else got a Fifty Shades of Grey vibe from that emotional scene between Elena and Damon? Oh, what might have been.

Is Silas too powerful? This is the question we'll leave you with.

Paul Wesley is positively amazing in the role of Silas, but this is a villain who can control minds and who is immortal. It's safe to say he lacks some of the nuances and vulnerabilities of Joseph Morgan's Klaus. Yes, this makes him entertaining. But does it make Silas boring? Too difficult to believe as a character?

Tell us below: Is Silas too powerful to be interesting?

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