Machete Kills Reviews: Is B-Movie Spectacle at all Watchable?

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Machete Kills, the sequel to 2010's Machete, is not going for Oscars, but camp, with a strong ensemble cast bringing the aspiring cult classic to life.

Yes, Machete Cortez (Danny Trejo) is back, and this time he's got the President of the United States (Carlos Estevez a.k.a. Charlie Sheen) for a boss.

If you're up for a potential B-movie spectacle, then this could be for you.

It not, you should probably heed the words of warning from critics, whose Captain Phillips reviews and Gravity reviews are glowing, and avoid Machete Kills.

But let's see what the critics are saying about the latter just the same ...

"Machete Kills is exploitation cinema, in the same way that a teen who pays $28 at the mall for a Sex Pistols T-shirt is a punk rocker." - San Francisco Chronicle

"This retro-campy action comedy from writer-director Robert Rodriguez somehow loses the thread of what was admittedly a slight bit of integrity in Machete." - N.Y. Daily News

"Trejo, a fantastic screen presence, has been better used as a supporting character elsewhere than as a leading man here, as his gruff charms reach their outer limits. The extensive supporting cast of Machete Kills all seems a bit confused and left on their own." - L.A. Times

"The latest Machete yarn begins and ends with enormous zest. The problem is the 108 minutes in between." - The Independent

"Machete Kills abounds in gory ways of murdering people, many of them involving palpably false heads rolling on the ground, bleeding chocolate sauce, although there are also a few bad guys chopped up by propeller blades of one type and another." - Ottawa Citizen

"It’s a minor miracle that Machete Kills doesn’t run out of steam sooner: At 107 minutes, it’s about 20 too long and overstuffed with characters that Rodriguez apparently couldn’t bear to leave out. But even when it drags, the film keeps firing enough silliness at the screen to remain entertaining." - AV Club

"The mayhem has just become boring. One could argue the joke was already getting old by the middle of the first film, around the time the body count hit triple digits. But this is overkill, literally." - USA Today

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