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This week on Teen Mom 3, the girls are looking ahead to the future, as one must when one has a baby, while battling an assortment of issues in the present.

Between baby care, baby daddy care, work and other concerns, there plans are very much up in the air and in flux. So what does that mean for the fab four?

Find out in THG’s +/- recap below!

The Hollywood Gossip

Mackenzie Douthit worries, as usual, that she is second fiddle to Josh McKee’s rodeo career. He is off riding, a lot. Absent, and risking real injury.

Not only that, Mackenzie expects more enthusiasm out of Josh for merely being able to ride again, not apathy about her being at the rodeo competitions.

She feels she’s second-best to Josh’s career, and Minus 200 for that, because she gave up a lot just so she can have something she doesn’t even want.

Mackenzie feels like a single mom and says she might have left Josh if it weren’t for Gannon, however with the help of counseling, she’ll turn it around.


We know, because Mackenzie Douthit and Josh McKee are married now – and she’s pregnant with their second child. So this one has a happy ending.

Plus 400 for putting in the effort and working on things. Even if it’s not perfect, there’s no telling what you can achieve through this genuine commitment.

Briana DeJesus filed a court protective order against Devoin Austin, and must wait for a judge to determine Devoin’s involvement in their daughter’s life.

Minus 300, because that’s got to be rough, but Plus 100 for going to a baby music class at least, even if the fun things are tiring with babies too.

She prepares for court by printing out lots of Devoin’s cyber-bullying tweets. In court, Devoin objects to the charges, claiming he did not send them.

The court dismisses her case based on a lack of evidence. Minus 700.

If Devoin was lying to the judge in court, how could she trust him to do anything? And if he wasn’t lying (somehow), he was at the very least disrespectful.

Alex Sekella worries that Matt McCann is back on drugs, so she’s fighting for full custody of Arabella, with only supervised visits for Matt. Plus 200.

She understands that he might be homeless, but feels his actions have been his choices, and she can’t be dragged into them with their baby girl.

Her grandparents convince her to reach out to Matt, so she texts a pic of Arabella. Plus 100. Alex then gets Arabella’s footprint tattooed on her. Minus 100.

Matt’s counselor sets him up to live at a youth home, making sure he is clean. He shows up five hours late and the counselor feels he has relapsed.

Matt says he was sick and tries to get out of moving there, saying it’s a restrictive institution he doesn’t want to be “held back” by. Denial. It’s powerful. Minus 600.

Alex gets a call about Matt being in the hospital, possibly from OD’ing.

Katie Yeager is happy that Joey Maes gave up smoking pot, and has been stepping up to take care of Molli more so that Katie could study. Plus 300.

Determined to get her degree at a four-year-college, Katie uses Joey’s mining job offers in Utah as fuel to move her family to a new state. Plus 200.

Alas, Joey is still apprehensive about facing the unknown.

On the Teen Mom 3 aftershow, Katie confesses that she loves the kind of dad Joey is, but the pair is just not happy together, which Molli needs.