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Ryan Anderson fought through tears Monday discussing his girlfriend Gia Allemand’s death in August and saying he plans to start a foundation in her honor.

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Anderson, who plays for the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans, opened up during the team’s media day, telling reporters he hadn’t planned to talk about it.

He obliged and took questions, however, and tearfully said "we have a huge plan to do something great in her name that’s going to help a lot of people."

Gia Allemand, who was a reality star on The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad, attempted to commit suicide in August after a bitter fight with Ryan Anderson.


After he reportedly tried to break up with her after several years of dating, the 29-year-old tried to hang herself and he found her body in their New Orleans home.

She passed away two days later, never regaining consciousness.

Allemand’s mother has suggested that severe PMS was to blame for the mood swings Gia experienced and may have fueled her tragic suicide as well.

Whatever the case, it’s still clearly weighing on the pro athlete.

Anderson didn’t spell out exactly what is plans are for the charity, but it sounded as if he was talking about Gia’s rumored battle with severe depression.

"This is a topic that is not talked about enough," he said.