Susan Bennett Revealed as Original Voice of Siri!

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We've all heard Siri's voice. Now for the first time, we can see her face! Susan Bennett has been revealed as the woman behind Apple’s digital assistant.

Bennett, a veteran voice actor, said she has stayed silent about her role as Siri’s voice since she first learned about with the software’s launch in 2011.

“A colleague emailed me (about Siri) and said, ‘Hey, we’ve been playing around with this new Apple phone. Isn’t this you?’” she told the network.

Bennett, who did not own the iPhone, went online and listened to clips announcing the groundbreaking technology, and knew right away it was her.

“It’s obviously me,” she said. “It’s my voice.”

Susan Bennett, who has recorded voiceovers used for GPS devices and terminals announcing Delta Airlines flights, was used to keeping her anonymity.

“I really had to weigh the importance of it for me,” she told CNN. “I wasn’t sure that I wanted that notoriety, and I also wasn’t sure where I stood legally."

"And so, consequently, I was very conservative about it for a long time.”

But Apple just announced a new operating system featuring new Siri voices, and reports surfaced that another woman was behind the original iconic voice.

“And it seemed like everyone was clamoring to find out who the real voice behind Siri is, and so I thought ‘Well, you know - what the heck? This is the time,’” she said.

Bennett said she recorded snippets of her voice for Siri during several four-hour sessions at her home recording studio all the way back in 2005.

She added that her frustration in recording some of the nonsensical phrases and sentences may have made her sound impatient on your phone.

“Siri might sometimes sound like she has a bit of attitude,” she said. “Those sounds might have been recorded in the last 15 minutes of those four hours.”

Tight-lipped Apple officials would not deny or confirm Bennett’s claim, but CNN hired a veteran audio forensics expert who said the voices are “identical.”

“I understand the importance of accuracy,” the expert, Ed Primeau, told the news station. “Rest assured: It’s 100% Susan. She’s part of history."

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