Straight Guy Shares Perspective on Being Gay in Response to Homophobic Friend

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A straight man's perspective on what it's like to be gay is shared in this video, a response to recently being de-friended on Facebook by a former friend.

This individual's brother is gay, and the Facebook de-friending took place after he posted photos of his beloved brother and his partner getting married.

Condemned for his "anti-God" post, the man was shamed by someone he considered a friend, which got him thinking: What if it had been his own wedding?

What if hadn't been a distant friend who confronted him in such a way, but a close family member? And how do gay people cope with such an event?

This brings him to tears in the video confession below. Take a look:

It's clear that his empathy is both profound and genuine as he encourages other straight people to look at the issue of sexual orientation from this perspective.

Think it would help change yours, or others that you know?

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