Brutal SUV Driver Beating: New, Disturbing Footage

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On September 29, Alexian Lien was driving along the highway in Manhattan when he struck a biker who darted in front of his SUV.

After briefly stopping, the 33-year old sped away when a contingent of the victim's friends gathered around on their motorcycles and made Lien fear for the safety of himself, his wife and their two-year old daughter.

The large group of bikers followed, a four-mile chase ensued and Lien was eventually forced to stop at a red light in Washington Heights.

Once there, many of the bikers dragged him from the driver's seat and brutally beat Lien in front of his family members and numerous witnesses.

Now, courtesy of WABC-TV, new footage of the actual beating has surfaced online. It was taken by an onlooker and - consider yourself warned - it's graphic in nature:

Thus far, nine bikers - including a police officer who had been undercover, yet did nothing to prevent this incident - have been arrested for their alleged roles in the assault.

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